13 Inspiring Reasons to Join a Sorority When You Go To College

Heading off to college is one of the biggest life events in your adult life. You'll be away from home in a brand new place without knowing a lot (or any) people.

Joining a sorority is a way to enhance your college experience and make your college life a lot more fun and fulfilling, even as a freshman. But we know what you're thinking: what reasons to join a sorority are there if it's all about partying and wearing matching outfits?

The stereotypes of sororities have some truth because there are parties and the matching outfits are fun. But there's so much more to joining a top sorority than that.

Check out these 13 reasons why you should join a sorority when you go to college.

1. Longlasting Friendships

Joining a sorority is like joining a big family. You'll gain hundreds of sister within your campus' chapter, other schools' chapters, and alumni around the world.

Going to college without a good support system or a group of friends is hard to deal with emotionally. While you will make friends in other ways, joining a sorority will connect you with a large group of people that share common interests and values. This makes it easy to make friends and have support, even as a new kid on campus.

Most friendships you make in Greek life will last a lifetime. It's not uncommon to see people have their sister or even their big as their maid of honor at their wedding.

If you're without a strong friend group and asking yourself, "Should I join a sorority?", we hope this convinces you to answer yes to that question.

2. Connections on Campus

Not only will you make friends, you'll also make connections. Sororities can have hundreds of girls in them even in just one campus' chapter, so there's no way you're going to be best friends with everyone.

But all of those people are going to be involved in different things and organizations at your school, which will give you excellent connections in whatever you want to pursue.

Thinking about working in a research lab? Chances are one of your sisters works in one or knows someone who does.

Need a campus job? Ask your sisters where they work and if they can put in a good word for you. Want to join a certain club? There's a good chance one of your sisters is in it, or at least knows someone who is.

3. Meet New and Diverse People

Between over 100 girls, you're bound to meet diverse people from all different backgrounds. You'll meet people from different states and even different countries just through joining a sorority.

Moving from your hometown to a larger, and much different, college environment will throw you together with all sorts of people you probably wouldn't have met otherwise.

Joining a sorority makes it easier to meet all these new people that you might not have met without rushing or joining.

4. Networking

We've talked a lot about connections and meeting new people, and that doesn't stop after you leave campus. Sorority alumni are great connections for when you're looking for jobs or internships for summers off or even for after you graduate.

While the connection might not secure the job entirely, you'll already have common ground and similar values from being in the same Greek organization, which can help you get the job easier.

Connecting with sisters and alumni is a great way to build up a network of professional and personal connections for after you graduate. Greek connections will be a significant help during your post-college job search.

5. Academic Help

A lot of people think that sorority girls have bad grades from all the partying and having fun. That couldn't be more wrong: on average, people in Greek life maintain a higher GPA than the general undergraduate population.

Not only do most chapters have a minimum GPA that you must maintain in order to be a part of the organization, but the sorority itself is also a great academic resource. Older sisters will have taken the classes you're in now, so they can be a great help.

Your sisters can also give you test advice, advice on which classes to take, what to major in, and more. Your sorority will significantly help your academic life.

6. Philanthropy

Each sorority dedicates themselves multiple philanthropy and service projects in order to give back to the world and the community. This involves volunteering, organizing fundraising events, hosting service days, and more.

Joining a sorority will let you give back to both your campus community and the larger community around you. You can really help make an impact on a lot of people's lives through joining a sorority.

For example, chapters have raised thousands of dollars for cancer research with just one event. Over your three or four years in your chapter, you'll take part in a number of events that will give money to charities and people who need help.

7. Leadership Opportunities

Within your sorority, there are leadership roles that can give you excellent leadership experience. Who knows, you could be a sorority president or treasurer one day.

These roles will give you experience in a leadership position. It will teach you about responsibility, communication, organization, and more.

There are also roles for all types of leaders. If you like organizing, perhaps an event planning role would be best for you. If you're a good speaker and like socializing, perhaps you could help plan and run the recruitment process.

8. Socials and Events

Let's not pretend that sororities don't provide you access to fun social events and parties. There's nothing wrong with wanting to socialize in college: that's one of the best parts!

Greek life organizations often have mixers with each other, which gives you a great opportunity to meet other people. Between mixers, dances, philanthropy events, and fundraisers, you'll never be bored.

9. Support and Mentorship

When you join top sororities, you'll instantly get a large support system. Going to college is overwhelming and filled with mostly strangers at first. A sorority will narrow down your social circle and give you close and intimate support.

You'll also get matched up with a "big sister" who will act like a mentor to you in your sorority. They're usually older and have more experience in college, and in general, that can help you out when you need advice or just someone to lean on.

10. Worldwide Connections

People in your chapter are going to be from all over the world. Different states, countries, and even continents will be represented within your sorority.

This will help you travel and experience brand new places. You'll almost always have a sister in a place you've been wanting to visit, which can give you a place to stay, or even just a friendly face in a strange environment!

It's also a great excuse to take a summer road (or plane or train!) trip: visit all your sisters while seeing and experiencing new places all over the world!

11. Better Housing Options

Why join a sorority? Well, many sororities have the advantage of having designated housing just for that chapter. So not only will you get to live with all of your closest friends and sisters, you'll also get some of the best housing available on campus.

Some sororities get huge houses that are essentially mansions. If you're really lucky, you'll get a house that comes with a chef as well.

12. The Clothes

You've definitely seen shirts and t-shirts with Greek letters proudly embroidered or stamped on like a badge of honor. Joining a sorority will get you access to all these cool clothes so you can proudly represent your sisterhood.

There's also the fact that you'll suddenly have hundreds of girls to share and trade clothes with. You won't have to worry the next time you have an event or a job interview: your sisters can hook you up and let you borrow their cute dress or their professional heels.

13. A Home Away from Home

If none of these things have convinced you so far, consider this. You're going to be leaving home on your own for probably the first time in your life. You won't have your friends or your family with you, and everything is going to be new and probably overwhelming.

So why do people join sororities? Besides everything we mentioned, it gives you a new place to call home. You'll literally gain family members, sisters and your Greek brothers, to instantly gain a support system. You'll also, in many cases, literally get a new home in the form of sorority housing.

When you're not at home, you'll have a new place and new people to call family.

Need Reasons to Join a Sorority? Those Were 13 Great Ones

The unfortunate stereotypes of Greek life that have been shown in movies and shows don't do justice to the awesomeness that is joining a sorority. If you need reasons to join a sorority, you've got them: friends, family, academics, service, and more.

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