3 Easy Fraternity Fundraising Ideas

Philanthropy sits at the core of all fraternities. The idea that brothers can come together to make a difference in the lives of others within and beyond their community is what gives these organizations purpose.

But what if you need to raise thousands for a good cause? If you're new to putting together events and programs geared toward earning donations, this can feel like an intimidating task.

Don't panic! Instead, dive deep into these three fraternity fundraising ideas. You'll find raising money is easy and can even be a lot of fun!

The Greek life is full of advantages, including an entire fraternity family you can top into to help with your fundraising ideas. As you consider these tips, don't go at it alone. Instead, recruit others to help you and get hyped about doing something good for your organization. Also, remember that you can garner donations from not only your fellow collegegoers, but from their friends and family too. Expand your reach wherever you can, and think big!  

1. Tailgate for a cause.

Nothing brings the college community together quite like a football game. These team spirit-fueled events draw massive crowds. Optimize the popularity of football games by setting up a tailgating party before the game with food and activities that require a small donation toward your good cause.

Communicate with the college or university's athletic director to make arrangements for the event, and then start planning various activities to entertain and raise a profit.

Setting up grills to sell hamburgers, hot dogs and refreshments is a guaranteed hit, but why stop there? Collaborate with your big or little as well as your other frat brothers to plan games and giveaways.

This can include:

  • Cornhole
  • Ring toss
  • Twister
  • Team spirit contest
  • Raffles (ask for football-related donation items, and people will buy those tickets)

Get creative! Use your imagination to come up with fun or off-the-wall themes that will attract attention and get people having a good time. After all, the best results come when you put the "fun" in fundraising!

2. Setup a lip sync battle, and invite the entire campus.

You're bound to attract attention when you put together an entertaining, if not borderline embarrassing, challenge.

Plan a lip sync battle among your frat brothers, and invite the campus to come out and be the judge! We're sure you can find a few "hams" among your brothers to enter the battle! Raise funds by selling tickets to the event, which you can market through an online purchasing portal. Advertise the event through social media, school media, newspapers, flyers and good old word-of-mouth marketing. You get a bonus if you plan this on a big game weekend, when visitors to campus might attend the battle as well.

3. Put together a community raffle.

Looking to make some big bucks? It takes a bit of planning and a lot of networking, but reach out to all of the local businesses in your community and form collaborations for donations at a local raffle.

Don't limit your event to the campus crowd. When you get outside businesses involved, you can do multiple giveaways featuring items or services provided by companies looking to market themselves alongside your fundraiser.

Like the lip sync battle, you can sell tickets online for convenience and to optimize your reach. Remember: the better the items you're raffling, the better your chances people will buy in on their chances to win! Reach out to people who might donate car cleaning or dorm cleaning services, tutoring and other college-related services and items. Be creative!

Make the Most of Your Fraternity Experience

Love these fraternity fundraising ideas? Get more inspiration on how to make the most of the Greek life on our blog. You'll discover all kinds of stories, tips and more geared specifically toward both the frat life and sorority sisterhood.

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