How to Choose Your Sorority Recruitment Outfits

Headed to college and hoping to join a sorority? Greek life can be one of the most rewarding and connective experiences during college. You'll make friends for life and have a built-in support system. Alos, you'll never find yourself lacking when it comes to activities, be it formals or philanthropic work. But getting a bid for a sorority is the tough part. Like it or not, your appearance and the way you present yourself matter if you want to join the current sorority sisters. The first place to start is by planning the right sorority recruitment outfits. As you know, recruitment week has various events and activities that you'll have to dress your best for. You'll have the opportunity to show your personality, and stand out to other members in order to get a bid. Wondering what to wear? Here are some tips to help you decide what outfits you should have prepared during the rush week.

Know the Drill

Before we get into ideal sorority recruitment outfits for each event, it's important to keep in mind that recruitment clothing will grow to be more formal as you get farther along into the week. Recruitment week can be overwhelming, so it's best to plan out all of your outfits ahead of time. This will save you from the last minute stress of tearing your closet apart searching for the perfect ensemble. When dressing, keep in mind that you're representing the sorority as a whole. You want to keep it tasteful and classy. Opt for more sophisticated and elegant necklines, watch the hem of your dress and try to wear a color palette you feel would be in keeping with the style of the sorority as you've observed so far. You want to stand out, but for the right reasons. There are plenty of ways to infuse your personal style and flare into each outfit, so don't think that playing it safe means forgoing your own fashion. There is an easy way to fit in while still allowing your personality to shine. Now let's get to the main events.

House Tours & Orientation

Each recruitment week will most likely begin with an orientation. Before that, you'll also have the chance to tour the various sorority houses so you can get a feel for them and decide which you plan to rush. These are both fairly laid back and casual events but since it's the first impression the current sisters will be getting, you still want to present yourself as polished and put together when it comes to your recruitment outfit. It is very common that all the girls at orientation will be handed out a shirt from the sorority. You'll be asked to put it on right away and welp, there goes your outfit, right? Not so fast. Since you know you'll be wearing the sorority shirt, you can plan ahead. We suggest wearing shorts, or jeans if the weather doesn't allow. If you're wearing shorts, try to keep the lines clean and the aesthetic sophisticated. We would opt out of ripped denim shorts in favor of a tailored short with a fun pattern or detail. You can also wear a skirt if that's comfortable. Just keep in mind you'll likely be wearing a baggy shirt and you'll have to tuck it into whatever bottoms you're wearing. It's best to avoid wedges or heels on orientation day. Instead, opt for a flat, detailed sandal. Don't go with a flip-flop as it appears unpolished. Instead, lean into a sandal that has some embellishment and can add personality and sophistication to your casual outfit. If comfort is more your thing, you can wear a clean white sneaker like Superga or Converse. Try not to over accessorize your recruitment outfits. Afterall, it's a casual day and you also don't know what color the sorority shirt will be, so you don't want to clash. If you do want to accessorize, keep the colors neutral so the piece can easily go with anything you have on.

Philanthropic Outings & Sisterhood Events

These events occur after orientation and tend to be a little more formal. During these events, you'll be learning the ways the sorority gives back and getting to know the sisters on a more personal level. You'll want to step it up a level from the shorts and t-shirt look you wore earlier in the week. Consider a sundress or a cute skirt and top. Feel free to wear that wedge or heeled sandal we put away for orientation to spice up your outfit now. A romper is also a perfect option since it's more comfortable than a skirt or dress but has the same dressed up look. If it's chilly, you can wear jeans as long as you dress them up with an embellished sandal or wedge and a fancier top.

Preference Party

Otherwise known as "pref night", this is the time to elevate the sorority recruitment outfits. This is the most formal event of the week and a chance to show off your personality and style to the group. Do keep in mind, however, that while this is the fanciest of the week's events, it's still a step below prom or a formal and you'll want to dress accordingly. You'll definitely want to wear a dress for this event. It can be a floral print, a colorful pattern or a simple black cocktail dress. Whatever suits your style. Be sure to pair it with a nude or black heel or wedge. You should avoid wearing flats as it will dress down the look right away. Think of what you might wear to a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant. Pref night is also a great time bring out your accessories. Feel free to wear a statement earring or a chunky necklace. Those little ways are the small touches you'll be able to add to your recruitment outfit to show off your personal style and stand out from the other pledges.

Rock Your Sorority Recruitment Outfits!

The above has highlighted the main events that occur during almost every sorority recruitment week and what you should wear to them. Feeling confident and great in whatever you choose to wear will allow the current sisters to see you in your best light and your personality will shine. Just remember that when you stay true to who you are and feel comfortable in your own skin, you can't go wrong. Check out our blog for more tips on sorority recruitment outfits and greek life!
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