How to Create an Amazing College Workout Routine

If you're like us, working out is a very daunting task. Add in a busy class schedule, unhealthy campus food, and trying to balance a social life, and you've got yourself a recipe for the Freshman 15. We have some tips to keep those New Year's resolutions and to create a college workout routine, without breaking (or even touching) the bank and without losing any of your free time!  


  The first step to getting motivated to work out is changing your mindset. View working out as a positive way to relieve stress, or as a great way to take a study break, and you're more likely to stick with it. For me, music motivates me, so when I have a kick-a** new playlist I can't wait to go for a run. For you, it might be wearing that brand new Greek shirt you just got! Another important tip accompanies the exercise tips we have for you: staying healthy! This is extremely vital if you want to keep that beach bod intact. This includes:
  • Drinking LOTS of water every day (more than the recommended 8 cups per day)
  • Don't skip breakfast - it starts your metabolism each day, so make it a healthy one!
  • Snack often throughout the day with healthy snacks like veggies or fruit
Your diet is key to looking fit and healthy; in fact, it is the most important part! You will have more energy throughout the day, and feel your best. Check out the exercise tips we have for you below.  

1.  Use Your (Free) Resources on Campus

  An awesome way to get exercise while in college is to use the resources you have at your disposal. If you have access to your university's stadium, make one of your weekly workouts to run the steps of the stadium.  

2.  Flex Those Abs

  A great way to fit in some workout exercises is simply to flex your abs for 30 seconds at a time, while sitting in class. You can also do this when you're driving, walking to class; pretty much anywhere and everywhere. Come springtime, you'll be able to show off those abdominal muscles.  



3.  Dorm College Workout Routine

  Your dorm room or apartment is a great place to exercise. You can make it a roommate activity and enlist your built-in workout buddy. There are plenty of YouTube videos you can follow if you don't know what workout to do. You can find everything from yoga to HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts online. If you want to go with the most budget-friendly option, YouTube and bodyweight exercises are the way to go. Bodyweight exercises are the exercises you can do without any equipment - you can just use the weight of your body.   Favorite exercises that get the job done include:
  • planks (regular, and side planks)
  • leg raises (work those abs!)
  • lunges
  • donkey kicks
  • squats
You can do these from anywhere: dorm room halls, common room, outside with your friends, up on your dorm roof with a yoga mat, etc. We highly suggest working out outside to get some fresh air. Especially during finals time when you are cooped up inside almost all day! If you choose to do include these bodyweight exercises in your weekly routine, make sure to do some type of cardio workout once or twice a week to get your heart rate up. Another option for a dorm college workout routine is to get some dumbells, jump rope or other workout equipment. These equipment sets tend to be on the cheaper side, and they don't take up a lot of space (we all know how tiny dorm rooms can be). You can easily lift weights or jump rope (cardio, yay!) while watching Netflix.

4.  Join Intramural Sports

  This is a great way to fit in a weekly workout routine, especially for those of us that are used to playing high school sports regularly. There are many intramural sports offered on campuses, including:
  • Indoor/Outdoor Soccer
  • Flag Football
  • Bowling
  • Dodgeball
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
You can form a team with your workout buddies, or sign up independently. Who knows, you may find that you love participating in intramural sports, and play all year-round!  

5. Gym on Campus

  If you have a gym membership included in your first year like I did, think of it as not wasting your money (who likes wasting money?). If you start the routine now, you will get in the habit of using the campus recreation center. Usually, the fee is not that high for students. I know we are all guilty of this scenario: telling ourselves we are going to the gym after class, going home, then sitting on the couch for "just a minute". Game over. Try to workout in the morning; it will be so much easier to get your butt out of bed once you establish your morning routine. Find something to make yourself excited to go to the gym, like new music or the way your workout makes you feel afterwards. You can also enlist the help of a gym buddy, because it's so much easier to hold each other accountable to go to the gym. Read for class on the treadmill or bike, or find an interesting podcast to listen to. You will feel so productive, trust us!  

6.  Working Out While Studying

  Multi-tasking at its finest. Take your books outside on the campus grass, and do some floor work while you read. Plank while you read that chapter in your Biology book: it will make the time pass more quickly because you won't be focused on holding the plank for a certain amount of time.   Any type of movement will burn calories, so dance it out while listening to your study music! San Diego trainer Sara Foster says that even fidgeting in class can burn extra calories, so tap your toes, shake your leg, roll your shoulders, etc. She also suggests to sit on a stability ball at your study desk, so that you can use your core. If you have access to the gym on campus, take your books to the rec center and read while on the treadmill. If you can read while also listening to music, I suggest something without words, but upbeat. This workout is great for students who have a full class load or feel like they don't have time to workout. This way, you are getting your homework done while getting a workout in.  Get those endorphins goin'.  


  We hope you found some helpful tips in this article! Remember, even walking to class is an exercise, so give yourself some credit! You can keep those resolutions and will be looking your best. Happy New Year :)
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