17 Fun Things to Do in Your Hometown this Summer

With summer fast approaching, many of you will be heading back to your hometown. When I was in college, I thought it would be super boring going back home for the summer. But - It doesn't have to be! There are so many fun things you can do, especially if your friends are joining you back home. The activities should never stop, even if you think you live in a "boring" town. Summer is a time to be carefree, enjoy life, and do things you've never done before. Luckily, summertime is almost here. Yay! Let's get into it and make the most out of this summer, shall we?  

1. Go to an Old Movie

In lots of towns, there are old, classic movies shown in the park or at the local movie theater. Find the schedule online, and pick out one that you've never seen. Old movies are the best because they're so different from cinema now. Switch it up from the new movies played in the theaters and go see one of the classics.  

2. Concert in the Park

Concerts in the park are always so fun. Often times, your town will have a free concert every Friday or Saturday during summer. If there's a summer concert series, it'll be in your local newspaper. These concerts usually don't have the latest or most popular artists playing (no Taylor Swift here), but it's entertaining and that's all that matters, right?  

3. Go to an Attraction You've Never Been To

Whether it be an old haunted house in your town or a historic landmark, play tourist and go. You might learn something new!  

4. Explore Art Museums

My recommendation is to grab some friends and head to your town's art museum - just walk around on your own through it. You'll probably learn something new about art history or your favorite artist! Plus, looking at beautiful art is always awe-inspiring.  

5. Find a Schedule of Events and Mark Them Down

  things to do in your hometown   Your local newspaper will put out a calendar of noteworthy events happening in your town at the beginning of the summer - Concerts, plays, sports events, block parties, food festivals, etc. Mark them down ahead of time so that you won't miss an event you really want to go to! Plus, you'll probably get early-bird tickets prices if you snag them early :)  

6. Go on Walks in New Neighborhoods

  things to do in your hometown   I know we are all super familiar with our own neighborhoods - As most of us grew up in those areas. But, have you ever tried exploring one that isn't your own? Sometimes you'll find beautiful houses, hidden gems, or lookout spots you never knew were there before.  

7. Play a Sport with Your Friends

On a nice day, head to the park in your neighborhood and start a game of some sort - Football, soccer, volleyball, you name it. You could even have a picnic after if you want to make a day of it!  

8. Game and Wine Night

Self-explanatory - But I LOVE game nights, especially ones that involve wine. Play your favorites - Cards Against Humanity, What the Meme, Pictionary, etc.  

9. Host a Pool Party

If you have a pool, what a perfect opportunity to throw a pool party with your friends from home! Make sure there's good music, snacks, and pool floaties (duh).  

10. Make a Nice Breakfast for Your Family

On a morning where you're feeling generous, make some pancakes, eggs, and whatever other breakfast items you like. Your family will so appreciate you.  

11. Host an Open-Air Movie Night

Rent a movie projector, and set up a massive fort complete with blankets, chairs, etc. so that you can be cozy when you watch the movie outside in your backyard.  

12. Have a Lake/River Day - Whichever is Closest

Hanging out by the lake or river is such a summer thing to do - If you live near one of those, make a day of it and get some friends together.  

13. Learn a New Skill

  things to do in your hometown   Literally, anything! Learning a new skill always make the time go by slower and is a great exercise for your brain. Plus, it's fun to know how to do random skills. You'll never know when they come in handy!  

14. Try a New Workout Class

Grab a friend you would normally go to the gym with and suggest something new. You could try pilates, yoga, spin, kickboxing, or some other class. Or, do your workout outside - There are plenty of YouTube workout videos you can follow.  

15. Dedicate Time to Reading Books

Set a goal to read 5 books by the end of the summer. You could even try Audible and listen to the audiobook version - I prefer audiobooks so that I can listen in my car, when I'm getting ready, or cleaning.  

16. Set Up a Garden

  things to do in your hometown   Even if it's just a tiny tomato plant! It's very cool watching something you planted, grow.  

17. Have a Movie Marathon

Schedule a whole day where you do nothing but watch movies. It could be with your siblings or girlfriends - Watch all the Harry Potter movies in one day or another series that you haven't watched in a while. Or, you could do an 80's movie marathon and watch Pretty in Pink, The Breakfast Club, etc.   You're going to have so much fun this summer, especially with all of these new ideas under your belt. Be sure to let us know which ones you did. Make the most of this summer with your high school friends and your family!    
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