Perfecting The Sorority Squat For Pictures

Perfecting the Sorority Squat for Pictures

Throughout your college career, you are going to experience moments that are amazing and wonderful. What better way to preserve them for a long time than taking a picture? With everyone carrying a portable camera with them on their phone, taking pictures is quick and easy.

Should you decide to join a sorority, there will be even more moments to take pictures - and some of them will be professional. Those are the moments when you'll be required to do the sorority squat.

If you are in a sorority, you know what I am talking about! If you haven't joined yet, don't worry! I'm about to give you a lesson in the best way to perform the all-important sorority squat for pictures.

From Formals to Bid Day to Socials to Philanthropy events, you will be taking photos with your sisters, and there will need to be some volunteers to squat it out in the front row. Show your sisters you know what's up by following these (slightly joking but truthful) tips.

1) Stretch It Out

Never EVER underestimate the importance of stretching before gettin' yo squat on! The more awkward the stretching, the better I always say! Try to make it as obvious as possible that you're stretching for your sorority squat. If you can get another sister to help you get loose so you can get down, do it. It'll make so much more exciting.

Just casually reaching for the sky in mah bathing suit!

2) Bend Forward Slightly at the Waist AND At The Knees: Double (Bending) or Nothing!!

Wouldn't be a proper squat without it. You're already in a slightly awkward position, might as well take it the whole way!

3) Place Both Hands Gently On Knee Caps

But whatever you do, do NOT rest your weight on your hands. They are there for decoration; the sorority squat is not meant to be comfortable!!! If your muscles start to shake, your knees ache, and you need someone to pull you into the standing position, you'll know you're doing your sorority squat right.

4) Smile Like You Have Never Been in a More Comfortable Position!

Ahhhh... I could squat like this all day! No of course I am not stuck like this. This is my I AM IN SOOOO MUCHHH DISCOMFORT Smile/Grimace :) Perfect!!! You did it!!! Happy SRAWR Squatting!!!!

The sorority squat is part of the college experience, and you aren't the only one going through the process. Be sure to share on FB, Twitter, Insta, etc., with your fellow sorority squatters (*cough* I mean sisters). ;) And don't forget to check out the site for more information on Greek life!

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