No Hassle and a Store-Bought Appearance: How to Make Your Own Greek Letters for Sorority Shirts

You're a prominent member of your local Alpha Phi Alpha branch, and you've been put in charge of shirts this year.

But the prices for new, ready-made ones are outrageous.

Sure, you could try do-it-yourself alternatives, but those Greek letters are next to impossible.

You're in a pickle.

Not to worry. You can make your own Greek letters from the comfort of your dorm room, and we promise: it won't be difficult and the end product won't make you and your fellows look like you just walked out of a Blair Witch Project movie.

Whether you're making it for yourself or trying to appropriately dress a group, follow our steps, and you'll have the perfect wardrobe for your sorority needs.

How to Make Your Own Greek Letters

Besides being inexpensive, making Greek letters yourself affords you some flexibility and creativity. You can plan your college wardrobe, letters attached, for any weather and make it as fancy or plain as you want.

There are quite a few options on the market for you, one of which is using vinyl sheets.

Option 1: Stencils and Vinyl Sheets

This is a super beginner-friendly, easy process.

Of course, the primary focus here is to make the iron-on Greek letters perfect. It might take a few tries, but don't lose hope.

Print off a picture of your sorority's letters from online. Cut them out and transfer them to the vinyl sheet. You may have to use a window.

Once this has been accomplished, carefully cut out the letters from the vinyl and apply it wherever you would like it to appear on your shirt.

You now only need to iron them on!

Easy, huh?

Option 2: White Carbon Paper

Painters and artists rejoice!

In this method, you draw and paint the shirt itself. Well, sort of.

Start by ironing the shirt and holding it down with something, so it is smooth. Next, put a sheet of white carbon paper on top of it.

Now you can get artsy. Go crazy and draw your letters however you would like on the paper. As long as it stays within the boundaries of the shirt beneath, you're good.

When you're done, the letters will have transferred to the shirt itself. Painting is up next, and you can choose any color of fabric paint your heart desires.

Option 3: Embroidery

This option is not for the faint of heart, and it requires some knowledge of sewing.

We recommend using a simple back-stitch for beginners wishing to get their Greek-stitched letters on.

On the cloth, you would like the letters to appear, use carbon paper to transfer letters or simply use a fabric marker to draw the letters directly onto the shirt.

Next, use an embroidery hoop to tauten the shirt's fabric.

With your needle and chosen thread, start at the back of the hoop and slightly ahead of where the letter starts. After the thread has been pulled through, push the point back through the front of the fabric at the very start of the letter.

Use this back-stitching method by following your marked letters until you are finished.

Whew! I'm Exhausted.

Just thinking about how you'll make your own Greek letters can be a daunting prospect.

But you do have another option: let us do it for you!

Whether you want shirts, totes or gifts, we have the letters you need and the finished products you desire.

Browse our sorority apparel today and save yourself the hassle. You could even say you made it yourself.

It'll be our little secret.

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