Proud to Be Greek Wednesdays - May 23rd, 2018

The lifelong bonds you form, the communities you serve, and the invaluable lessons you learn are all part of an unforgettable Greek organization experience. Joining a brotherhood or sisterhood is an honor and a privilege, and with it comes social awareness and responsibility. Each week we are going to be featuring an essay written by a fraternity/sorority member to highlight how Greek life has had a positive impact. Being Apart of Something Bigger than Yourself When most people think of Greek life, “partying” is what usually comes to mind. But what those people don’t know is how life changing being a part of a sorority is. Society doesn’t hear the valuable and commendable activities that sororities and fraternities do year round, only the bad, and that’s why I’m excited to tell you how joining Kappa Alpha Theta has changed my life for the better. Coming into college as a shy and reserved freshman was a terrifying experience, especially when this is your first time away from home and none of your friends from high school are with you. I felt lost and alone; not sure how I was going to befriend anyone on such a large campus; but after joining my sorority all of that changed. I automatically had 160 new women in my life; several of them have become my closest, as we have developed bonds that will last a lifetime. Apart from finding a home away from home, I’ve also been able to grow as a person. Living with 70 other women can be very challenging at times, but in the end you learn several traits about yourself, how to work as a team, and most of all communication skills. I’ve not only made wonderful friends in my sorority, but also throughout the entire Greek community. The families are so involved that I’ve been able to learn from and meet others from outside my chapter and also had the opportunity to travel and meet Thetas from all over the states - where you instantly feel a connection with that person, and feel pride to be in such an empowering organization. Ultimately, being involved in a sorority is being apart of something that’s bigger than yourself. Having the opportunity to help others and the community is not only rewarding, but also presents a brighter perspective on life. Our philanthropic event raises money for Court Appointed Special Advocates, who provide abused or neglected children with safe living environments. This really touches my heart, and shows that anyone can make a difference in someone’s life; all it takes is the willingness to help and the voice to advocate. As part of Kappa Alpha Theta I’m surrounded by powerful and inspirational women, who make me want to pursue being a better person. Being in this sorority gives me the passion to do well in school, help others, be happy, stand up for what I believe in, and be successful. Since the day I joined Kappa Alpha Theta I’ve grown, and am still continuing to grow, to be a leading woman. I’ve become a well-rounded individual, who has an independent outlook on life, and is willing to conquer the world. This is all thanks to the amazing women I have been able to surround myself with; where we have empowered each other and given one another the confidence, inspiration, and courage to do anything.
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