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Product Spotlight: Sorority Hats (Featuring Delta Gamma SDSU)

Source: Greek U   If you've taken a look at the Greek U website (which you totally should if you haven't by now), you know just how much awesome, customizable Greek gear we offer. From custom artwork sorority fanny packs to sewn-on letter onesies (yes, seriously), we have it all. But if you're a skeptical online shopper like me, clicking that 'order' button can be a challenge if you don't know what to expect. Not to worry. Today, we'll be giving you a first look at one of our (adorable) Greek U products in action. Featuring the lovely sorority women of Delta Gamma at San Diego State University (shoutout to my sistas), check out the journey of our embroidered sorority hats! Before we get to the good part, a little info on these awesome hats. Available in a ton of fun colors and embroidery options, these hats are easily customizable to get the look you want. The hats themselves are uber-comfortable, and equally stylish! Perfect or a day at the beach, a sporting event, or simply to hide a bad hair day (my most common use), these hats are extremely versatile, and not to mention adorable! They are available with group discounts and for individual sale as well. Without further ado, let's check out this sisterhood of the traveling hats.  

At SDSU's famous Hepner Hall...

  Sorority hats: Delta Gamma   Sorority Hats: Delta Gamma SDSU   Bring it On, anyone?!  

At San Diego's Ocean Beach Farmer's Market...

  San Diego Sorority hats - DG   On the coast...   Sorority hats by the coast - San Diego  

And the sorority hats in the mountains...

  Sorority hats - girl wearing hat while hiking   Way up high...   Sorority hats - girl wearing hat on a bridge And at sea level...   Girl wearing sorority hats on the beach   Girl wearing sorority hat at the beach   Sorority hats on the beach   Sorority hats by the San Diego pier  

At the famous Joshua Tree...


Girl wearing Delta Gamma sorority hat in Joshua Tree

  Girl wearing Delta Gamma sorority hats in Joshua Tree   For guys and gals alike...   Guy wearing girlfriend's sorority hat  

At the happiest place on Earth...

sorority hats  

And at our very own Greek U shoot!

sorority hats, Balboa Park San Diego   We hope you enjoyed this first look at our embroidered sorority hats in action around sunny San Diego!   Wishing you a wonderful rest of your week from everyone at GreekU!   (Image Source: the sisters of Delta Gamma SDSU)
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