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Our Favorite Sorority Big/Little Quotes

It's that time again; to get more gifts for your big and/or little! If your chapter went through Spring Recruitment, you may be just getting your big/little (exciting!!).  No matter if you just met her, or if you've been going...

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Behind the Scenes of Our Spring Photoshoot!

This week, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what we've been up to here at! Recently the Greek U team romped around sunny San Diego to find the hottest spots for our latest photoshoot. We worked...

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Best Paddles We've Seen

A traditional gift exchanged between bigs and littles, wooden sorority paddles make some of the most unique presents around! With so many fun ways to decorate, the possibilities are endless! For inspiration, be sure to check out our favorite paddles below. Something...

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