6 Sorority Fundraising Ideas Guaranteed to Raise Tons of $ [Updated]

Looking for a fresh new idea for how to raise money for your chapter’s philanthropy? Look no further! We’ve compiled five of the best ideas from chapters everywhere to help you plan a successful philanthropy event to benefit your chapter's charity! From athletic tournaments to a simple barbecue, there are tons of great ways to raise money for the organization your chapter supports. And guess what? They're super fun, too. They allow you to invite everyone in the Greek system to have a great time. It's a real bonding experience. Check out our favorite sorority fundraising ideas below.  

1. Food Events / Sorority Fundraising Ideas

One of the simplest ways to raise money for your philanthropy of choice is to host an event focused on selling a certain food item. Whether it be a late-night barbecue, or an all-you-can-eat pancakes event, the possibilities for this type of philanthropy are endless! Your chapter can sell pre-sale tickets before the event, and tickets at the door for those who weren’t able to grab a ticket beforehand.  Food events are a fun way to rally your fellow students, whether they are Greek or not, to come by and purchase a bite to eat for an awesome cause. Often times, these are late night events (9pm - 2am) so that people come after a night of partying to get some food. This is probably the most effective philanthropy idea, because everyone gathers at your chapter house on their way home from going out. Plus, it's super fun!   [caption id="attachment_1375" align="aligncenter" width="400"]Alpha Phi-esta - sorority fundraising ideas Source: Pinterest[/caption]  

2. Athletic Tournaments

Another fun way to raise money is to host an athletic tournament. This is a great way to attract the support of other fraternities and sororities on campus, as they can show their chapter pride by competing as a team in your sporting event. Great ideas for this area of philanthropy events:
  • Round-robin basketball or football tournament
  • Pool event where contestants compete in a number of different water sports and activities
These events are a great way to raise money through charging a set registration fee. This could include the price of competing and sorority shirts for participants to commemorate the event.   [caption id="attachment_1376" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Delta Gamma anchor splash - sorority fundraising ideas Source: Pinterest[/caption]

3. Shopping Events

Get ready to shop til you drop! Shopping events are yet another great way for chapters to raise funds for their philanthropy. Communicate with a local boutique or store to have a certain amount of proceeds from sales at your event be donated back to your chapter’s philanthropy. This is a fun way to raise money; you and your sisters are able to grab some awesome new stuff, all while giving back. Often times, the boutique or store will let you shut down the store for an hour or so. They are excited about both the business and being involved with a charity! It's a win-win.   giphy

4. Carnivals

Whether you go for a full-fledged carnival event, or simply one carnival-inspired activity, these types of events are some of the most exciting philanthropies. Some fun and easy ideas for this type of event are a Whip Cream Pie booth, where participants can pay to pie a member of your chapter, or even a dunk tank. These fundraisers are always sure to be a hit, but probably a little messy! :) Do this one in the spring when it's warm, and hold it on campus so that you get everyone walking to and from class. Make sure all your girls wear clothes they don't care about getting dirty!   [caption id="attachment_1377" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Pie a sorority girl - sorority fundraising ideas Source: Pinterest[/caption]

5. Charity Run/Walk

Similar to hosting an athletic tournament, your chapter could organize a charity run to benefit your philanthropy. Whether a walk, 5k run, 10k run, or all of these, charity runs are a great, fairly-inexpensive way to raise funds. Participants can be charged a registration fee to participate in the run/walk. They can also be given a custom sorority shirt or medal to recognize their involvement in the event and contribution to your philanthropy.   [caption id="attachment_1378" align="aligncenter" width="500"]fundraiser run - sorority fundraising ideas Source: Pinterest[/caption]  

6. A Dress-Up Gala

If you're feelin' fancy, you can organize a gala where you invite family and friends of all sisters. Charge around $40 - $50 for tickets, and have the ticket include a meal. The silent auction is a great way to raise money, especially when you have some local sponsors giving away cool stuff. Trust me- Your parents will bid on many of these items. Each Alpha Phi chapter has a gala every year (the Red Dress Gala), and it is a super successful event. You'll get out what you put in for these types of events.   When the time comes to host your philanthropy event, it’s always a good idea to make it an exciting environment for your guests. How? Decorate to the fullest, play music, and have a fun, positive environment for your guests. Be sure to order sorority clothing or other customized sorority merchandise for the entire chapter to commemorate your awesome event. With so many great ideas to raise money for your chapter’s philanthropy, the possibilities are truly endless. Happy fundraising!
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