Sorority Sugar & Greek U: Top Tips for an Amazing Bid Day

Bid day is the big day that wraps up recruitment and all your hard work! It's a special day that sorority members old and new will remember for a very long time. I still remember my first bid day like it was yesterday. Greek U has some tips on organizing an awesome bid day, getting the look you want and spoiling your new members with fantastic goodies. Here's what we suggest:

Tip #1: Pick an Amazing Theme.

Your new members are going to be so excited to have joined your house, so make it memorable for them. You should go all out for your new sisters, and one of the best ways to do that is to create an overarching theme that carries through the entire event. The theme you select covers everything from the decorations in your house to the most minute details of bid day. Some of our favorite themes at Greek U are patriotic and tribal. All of your pictures from bid day will reflect your awesome theme and show what creativity you have, so choose your theme with care.

Tip #2: Design Your Bid Day Shirts.

Once you have decided on a theme, you need to design the best bid day shirts. The Greek U website lets you switch colors, customize your text and play around with design. Sometimes you'll want to add a cute saying. Sometimes you may want to keep things simple. The color combinations, shirt styles and designs are almost endless. And you can even create custom artwork if you wish. One great tip is to give new members a different color bid day shirt to set them apart. Use the same graphics as shirts for the active sisters, but in a complimentary color.

Tip #3: Create a Super Bid Day Bundle.

Once your shirt order is complete, move on to your bid day bags. Your first order of business is selecting tote bags that compliment your bid day T-shirts and have a cute design so that the girls will be proud to carry their bags around campus, proudly showing off their new letters. Secondly, fill those bags with fun gear. Put in everything from water bottles, to notebooks to fanny packs, and add whatever other treats you can think of. You can also include customized stuffed animals, picture frames and more.

Tip #4: Plan for Entertainment and Food.

Everyone works so hard on recruitment, and I am sure all your sisters will want to let off some steam at your bid day party (my chapter even had a bounce house one year). And the new members will be soexcited about joining your house. Set up some fun games and delicious food and drinks, and provide some entertaining activities so the girls can get to know each other and bond with their new sisters. Some great ideas are renting a movie screen and playing a movie outdoors, playing fun games like charades and even heading out to an escape room for some team bonding. Most importantly, have fun with it!

Greek U offers a wide range of sorority merchandise you'll love. Whether you're looking for bid day apparel and swag, shirts for a fundraiser, Big and Little gifts or something else for your sorority, we have you covered. If you haven't checked out other topics on our blog, you should do that too. We have some great ideas for you, and we love to help! Contact us anytime.

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