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Our Favorite Sorority Big/little Quotes

Our Favorite Sorority Big/Little Quotes

It’s that time again; to get more gifts for your big and/or little! If your chapter went through Fall Recruitment, you may be just getting your big/little (exciting!!).  No matter if you just met her, or if you’ve been going strong...

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Our 5 Favorite Greek Life Blogs

I know what you're thinking. Who needs a list of great Greek life blogs when this one is my favorite? Ok, just kidding. Maybe. In all seriousness, our brothers and sisters around the world have some wonderful thoughts to share with...

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Behind the Scenes of Our Spring Photoshoot!

This week, we wanted to give you a sneak peak of what we've been up to here at! Recently the Greek U team romped around sunny San Diego to find the hottest spots for our latest photoshoot. We worked...

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12 Best Sorority Group Costume Ideas (Updated 2016)

Do you ever know what to be for Halloween? Me neither. I always have the hardest time figuring out a good costume that will be both comfy and cute. I love dressing up, but sometimes need inspiration for Halloween costumes. A...

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