Greek U's 6 Easy Sorority Recruitment Tips | Survive Sorority Rush

Sorority recruitment is an awesome (and draining) experience. If this isn't your first sorority rush on the "other side" (being an active member), you know what to expect: long days, lots of smiling, and girl-flirting. Here are 6 sorority recruitment tips for you and your chapter to stay on your A-game.  

1. Treat Work Week (Polish Week) Like the Real Thing

It's a dress-rehearsal, so don't mess around! Fast-forward a week and pretend like you are in the middle of recruitment now. That way, if you mess up a song or don't know what to talk about, you can figure it out while you still have time. And guess what? You'll be a pro once the real thing comes along.

 2. Eat Healthy Snacks

Sugary snacks will make you sluggish, but make sure and stop for a snack every now and again during those long rush days! You definitely will crash at some point in the day if you eat unhealthy snacks. And you don't want that point to be during a conversation with one of the girls. That would be bad. We recommend:
  • Protein bars
  • Fruit (dried or fresh)
  • Trail mix or nuts
  • Anything involving peanut butter
  Fruit Picture - Tips to Survive Sorority RecruitmentClif Builder's Bars Picture - Tips to Survive Sorority Recruitment  

3. Stay Organized

  Your chapter most likely has a very organized recruitment chair, and you are probably baffled how she gets everything done.   So help her out! Help decorate, offer to pick up food; anything helps.   Recruitment week will go a lot more smoothly if it is a team effort. You should also have everything planned out before. Lay out your sorority outfits (all pieces) and get to the house on time or before when you are supposed to. If it's house tours day, make sure you have some funny/cute facts to share with the girls you meet. Each day of recruitment will be a lot less stressful if you are prepared!  

4. Be Interested

  The standard "Whats your major? Where are you from?" are boring...have a conversation that the girls will remember.  Ask questions that really get to know them; music tastes, favorite movies, coolest thing they've ever done, etc. Your talks will be awesome if you invite the girls to be themselves.     In one of my recruitment experiences when I was in Alpha Phi, I mentioned that my feet were hurting (heels are not fun for 10 hours).   So, we took off our shoes and had a conversation sitting on bean bags.  
And that was the best conversation I had all day. 

5. Sleep...And Drink Coffee

  The worst thing you can do for your body is not sleep. Your body needs time to recover from the day and unwind so your brain feels fresh in the morning. If you don't sleep, you will probably be cranky! Trust us, you don't want to be zoning out of your conversations with PNM's and struggling to come up with things to talk about. You can always have one (or three) cups of coffee in the morning.  

6. Find a Way to De-Stress

Go to a workout class to decompress your body and mind.   Or relax in your pj's with your sisters and watch a movie. Whatever it may be, you need to give your mind a break from recruitment. Treat it how you would study; you wouldn't go over your notes for 5 hours straight, you would take breaks in between!   Happy recruiting! ♥ If you haven't yet, check out our post on What to Wear for Recruitment!
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