Our Favorite Sorority Planners (And Why You Should Use One!)

There are tons of sorority stereotypes out there--the majority of which are nowhere near the truth. But there's one I'm willing to accept on behalf of the sorority population. We are addicted to our planners- For good reason.   Organizing my agenda Leslie Knope Parks and Rec - sorority planners [caption id="attachment_1775" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Jammin on my planner Leslie Knope Parks and Rec - sorority planners Source: Google[/caption]   Trying to balance a sorority, a job, and a college education isn't an easy task. With that said, a little organization goes a long way. And a lot of organization changes everything.  

Why Sorority Planners?

Once you get into the habit of writing everything down, your whole outlook on life becomes more organized and you feel more productive. Before, I put everything in my phone. But that doesn't work very well for me. Mostly because the notifications pop up just like any other notifications do - and it's very distracting. Having your to-do list written down in a planner forces you to put the phone away and get working. Now, it does take a bit of time to adjust from your phone to written format, but it's very possible. Why else do we love our planners so very much? Allow me to enlighten you.   They Help You Budget Your Time As mentioned before, sorority women have a lot to balance. Having some way to map out your day allows you to manage your time wisely and fit everything into a busy (but organized!!) schedule. Not to mention, with the start of a new year, it's the perfect time to pick up planning!   They Help You Remember Your Plans As long as I can remember, I've always been one to forget plans (ironic, isn't it?). If you're anything like me, having a visual map of my plans to reference is ridiculously helpful in remembering what needs to get done. I'm a very visual learner, so if I look at something enough, it will become ingrained in my brain.   They Keep A Record of Everything You've Done It's easy to forget when and where you did what with who, and how (try saying that five times fast). Keeping track of your life in a planner allows you to have a record of your days at your fingertips!   They're Also Just Really Adorable If you're gonna plan out your life, why not do it in style? Get ready to organize ornately, map meticulously, and plan perfectly with the help of one of our absolute favorite planners. Check them out!  

For the Brisk Planner - a Small Sorority Planner

For anyone who needs a simple journal to jot down plans, look no further than our very own Greek U store! Within our vast Greek merchandise section, we have adorable sorority notebooks - available in a great array of colors, patterns, and organizations! Pi Beta Phi planner picture Greek U - sorority planners  

For the Standard Strategist - a Traditional Sorority Planner

My current planner of choice, these Blue Sky Day Designer Planners are a great happy medium in organization. With a simple layout and plenty of room to set your schedule, these (super cute) planners are some of my favorites. (I found mine at Target!)  

For the Organization Aficionado - A Customized Sorority Planner

This planner was made for you. No, literally, it was made just for you! Complete with labeled tabs, stickers, and methodically mapped out days, these customizable Erin Condren LifePlanners--although on the pricier end--are great for the planning perfectionist. Not to mention, they come in every adorable pattern you could ever imagine. I want one - right now!  

For the Passionate Gal - A Passion Planner

These sorority planners are my personal favorite! They are centered around your passion - So, they have special worksheets and other pages dedicated to helping you plan the career or goal of your dreams. They have rotating limited edition planners (like this one) that you can order! I highly recommend grabbing one of these and watching your passions come to life.   Last, but not least...  

For The Presidential Planner - A Sorority Planner on Steroids

This planner isn't messing around. For the most dedicated of sorority girls, this Cat and Erica Sorority Planner incorporates tabs for chapter meeting, goals, and more to bring your organization's organization to the next level. The organizer in me is having a field day right now. Pro tip: This would make a great gift for your chapter president! And with that, it's time to go check "writing this post" off my checklist for today. Happy planning!
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