Gift Ideas for the Perfect Big/Little Baskets

The bonds you form with your sorority sisters can't be beat. There's something magical about connecting with others who share the same interests as you. The only thing that's better is passing your knowledge, support and love on to the next generation - and that's why the Big/Little connection is so important. The culmination of this event is letting your Little know who you are and seeing their eyes light up when you hand them their Big/Little baskets.

I can almost smell the glue guns: Sorority Big/Little season is quickly approaching! The best (or worst, depends if you are a Pinner or not) part of Big Little reveal is the basket you put together for your sorority Little after you reveal who you are.

Some of the best baskets almost always include food, crafts and clothes. To ensure your basket is everything you and your Little hoped it would be, we wanted to bring you the best Big/Little sorority basket gift ideas. Including these items (and others!) ensures that your future Little loves everything inside her basket!

It's all about showing your Little how much you love her and how excited you are that she's in your house. After all, you chose her to be your Little. Read on to discover some really good Big/Little basket ideas, including crafts, clothing and food recipes! If your sorority chapter hasn't begun this process, check out our post on how to pick the perfect Big/Little for you!

Big/Little Basket Goodies: Food

Looking for Big/Little ideas for your basket that will make your Little's day? Candy. And lots of it. You know your Little is going to be cramming for those midterms soon, and you also know how much snacking is involved. Find out her favorite types of candy and fill the basket with them.

If candy isn't her thing, try some sweets that are a bit healthier. You might consider Sprout's or Trader Joe's. When it comes to Big/Little gifts that come from the heart, trying make these cosmic brownies. She will really appreciate the time and effort you put into them!

Big/Little Basket Goodies: T-Shirts

When it comes to your sorority gift baskets, you can tie the history of the house into the items you include.

When I got a basket at my sorority Big/Little reveal, it had tons of old fraternity and philanthropy shirts from my Big and her Big and so on (we all know we go shirt-crazy freshman year). All of these hand-me-downs made for great workout shirts and pajamas, making them super special and functional. You should also get matching Big/Little shirts, like this set below.

You can also give your Little her sorority letters at reveal! This is such a cute way to show her that you've been thinking about her! She'll know you want to make her sorority experience special with her first pair of letters. What an amazing Big/Little basket gift idea! Check out this this cozy sorority sweatshirt if you want to design her letters yourself online.

Big/Little Basket Goodies: DIY

Are you an avid Pinterest user? This is the perfect opportunity to show your Little how crafty you can be and how much love you are putting into this basket. Let's just say, the more DIY you do for your Little, the better!

She will so appreciate all the hard work you put into her gifts, and you will set the bar high for generations to come. There are many, many different options to choose from, but if you're looking for some inspiration, these crafts are a few of our favorites.

These mugs are adorable! And super easy. Head to your local Michael's to buy some blank mugs and follow the instructions to make these babies.

Check out this cute mason jar idea filled with nail polish and her own manicure set!

You should also fill the basket with her favorite things. Does she collect anything? Is she obsessed with Vampire Diaries? Does she love shopping at Forever 21? I'm giving you gold here, people! You can find out from her pledge class sisters what she likes, if you don't know yet. I was paired with a Big I didn't know well, but she investigated and found all the stuff I liked!

Big/Little Basket Gift Idea: College Survival Kit

One of the best ways to let your Little know you care is to shower her with your experience and knowledge. One of the best ways to do that - and an awesome Big/Little basket gift idea - is to give her a college survival kit. You know, all the stuff you wish someone had given you when you entered college. Things like:

  • Earplugs for the loud dorms
  • Useful dorm-cooking items
  • Gatorade (for those times you'll take her out on the town)
  • Makeup wipes
  • Gum
  • Protein bars

Pick and choose from the list and add items to your Big/Little basket! Pretty soon, it's going to be filled to the brim.

Big/Little Reveal Week: The Perfect Surprise

One of my favorite weeks was Big/Little reveal week! If you're not familiar, it's a week filled with presents and clues, and then at the end of the week, the sorority holds a ceremony to reveal everyone's new Big and Little!

At the beginning, each Big goes to their Little's dorm and decorates while her Little is in class. During the week, the Big sends the Little on a scavenger hunt of sorts. For example, I could text my Little from one of my other sister's numbers and ask her to get me a Starbucks. It is all worth it for the Little when she finds out her Big at the end of the week! There are a bunch of fun ways chapters will organize the reveal:

  • Popping out of decorated boxes
  • Standing behind a curtain with one patterned sock on and the Little has to come find the matching sock
  • Standing behind a decorated poster with your Little's name on it

It's one of the most fun nights of the year! Afterwards, all the Bigs and Littles will have some bonding time. :)

Our Favorite Big/Little Gift Baskets

The reveal may be an exciting part of the Big/Little process, but the basket is just as important. Make an impression by filling your Big/Little baskets for your sorority with items your Little will adore!

This one brings back the memories. It looks just like the one I received when getting my Alpha Phi Big. Pink basket, turquoise theme and Phi Bear. Love it!

If you need more inspiration, head over to our website and check out our Big/Little section!

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