Think You’re Cut Out For Greek Life? Take This Quiz

Think You’re Cut Out for Greek Life? Take This Quiz

Some people join Greek organizations for reasons that aren’t ideal, whether it is to party every weekend or just to increase their popularity on campus. When you’re young, you don’t always look beyond these considerations -- you just want to have some fun. At the same time, you might need to take a little time before making your decision.

 Do you really know if you are cut out for Greek life? Take this quick quiz to get an idea of whether joining a fraternity or sorority is the right move for you in both the short and long term. These are the questions you will likely be asked by current members when you are in the recruiting process, and questions you’ll need to ask yourself.

 Q1. Can you effectively juggle school work with extracurriculars? And are you currently maintaining a good grade point average (GPA)?

 One principle of most sorority and fraternity organizations is scholarship -- the idea that their members should maintain high standards of education. Before you apply for membership in a Greek organization, make sure that your grade point average is at a comfortable level. Most groups will let you know the minimum GPA to apply. Also ensure that you can maintain or improve that GPA.

 Q2. Do you get along with others well?

 A fraternity is about brotherhood and a sorority is about sisterhood, so it’s no longer just about you -- you have to be willing to get along with other people on a daily basis. Are there certain personalities that you tend to clash with, and do you think that coming into contact with those personalities will affect your ability to get things done for your sorority or fraternity?

 Q3. Are you prepared to spend a significant portion of each day at meetings, planning, and working on projects related to your Greek organization?

 Some say that the real “pledging” begins when you join an organization. You’ve pledged yourself to helping your sorority or fraternity grow and maintain a good reputation. The recruitment process can be difficult enough, but once you are a member you are going to be expected to do a lot. So, you can’t sleep in every morning -- most likely you’re going to be up early going to a planning meeting. Your weekends might not be free, because you may have to travel to a state meeting as a delegate or help at a soup kitchen wearing your Greek lettered t-shirt and face mask.

 Q4. Are you prepared to dedicate a portion of your upcoming semester to recruitment activities?

 Recruitment is a key part of Greek life. You have to keep your organization vibrant and flush with new members. That includes attending events and being available when called on by sorority or fraternity members for recruitment on short notice. You also are an example for your organization wherever you go on campus, whether you’re in the dining hall, lecture hall, or the general halls of your university.

 Q5. On a scale of one to 10, how committed are you to community service? 

 Most fraternities and sororities have a long-standing history of serving their communities and being positive role models for younger people. Are you really committed to community service in a way that inspires and motivates you? In some cases, you’ll be expected to complete a certain number of community service hours to qualify for membership.

 Q6. Are you ready to commit to wearing the colors and Greek letters of your organization on almost a daily basis?

 Once you become a member, you might be expected to wear your organization’s colors and letters as much as possible. It’s to promote and support your group—especially in advance of recruitment activities. At you can find the   and Greek lettered clothing that you’ll need for your first semester as a member.

 Q7. Are you prepared for life (even after college) as a Greek?

 Graduation day is not the culmination of your life as a Greek member for most organizations. You are likely going to have these connections with your sorority sisters and fraternity brothers for a lifetime. 10 or 20 years from now you'll probably still have some type of tie to them.

 Take a moment to really consider the answers to the questions on this quiz about whether you are ready for Greek life. This is a decision that will be with you not just in college, but many years into the future.

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