Our Favorite Workouts

Our Favorite Workouts

It can be difficult to get motivated to exercise, especially when you have a full course load, a job, and a seemingly never-ending list of Greek activities to host or attend. But a good workout at least a few times a week can be very refreshing and rejuvenating, not to mention good for your mental and physical well-being. 

 So what's the solution? Pick a quick workout routine that you'll look forward to and make time for in your limited schedule. Our favorite workouts are any that we can do with our favorite person, whether it's your sorority sister, fraternity brother, spec, roommate, or best friend at college. You can motivate each other, and have a good time while staying in shape. And don’t forget to get geared up in sorority workout clothing like leggings and joggers that will help you move around and feel comfortable. Here are a few workout routines that are perfect for two people.

 Light Dorm Room Sparring

All you and your buddy need for this workout routine is a pair of boxing gloves and a pair of punching mitts. They're a lot more affordable than you might think. Sparring (safely) even for just 10-15 minutes is a major cardio workout and totally worth the time. Put on your gear and take turns throwing jabs -- one person wearing the mitts, the other using the gloves to hit the mitts. Make sure you protect your face!

 Foot Toss for Tighter Abs

Lay down flat on your back with your partner standing above your head. Grab her ankles for stability and get comfortable. When you're ready, slowly bring both of your feet up toward your partner; she will then push your feet back down. Resist allowing your feet to hit the ground again -- you’ll feel the tension in your abs, legs, and thighs. Continue lifting your feet up toward your partner, who will toss them down again, and repeat for as long as you can stand it.

 Partner Powerwalks

Now that more people are starting to appreciate the beauty of nature, and generally just the easy breeziness of being outside, walking outdoors has become a treasured way of getting exercise. Schedule daily powerwalks around your neighborhood with your favorite sorority sister, roommate, or best friend. This is one of the easiest ways to stay healthy and energetic throughout your school week. Even when it gets a little chilly outside this fall, put on a sorority jacket or pullover along with your Greek-lettered face mask and continue your walks.

 Dance Party Workout

One of our favorite workouts, which doesn’t even feel like a workout, is dancing. Throw on an upbeat playlist and grab your buddy (or two, or three). Hop, bop, shake, move around and dance like no one is watching or cares what you’re doing. What a great way to practice your moves for the next Greek party you get a chance to throw or attend.

 When you pick a workout that you actually enjoy you’re more likely to do it with consistency -- especially when you get to do it with your favorite person. Incorporate these exercises into your daily or weekly routine to help improve your mental and physical wellness.

 * Please consult with a physician prior to beginning any new exercise program or workout plan.

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