How To Thrive As An Introvert In A Sorrority

There are tons of benefits to joining a sorority in college.

From helping you to make new friends to introducing you to the very best parties (and the hottest guys!) on campus, there's no reason why you shouldn't participate in rush week.

But if you're an introvert in Greek life, it can sometimes be hard to know how to put yourself out there.

You love your sisters and want to be a part of something special. But sometimes, you struggle to make that clear.

This post is here to help.

In it, we'll tell you everything that you need to know about how to make the most of your sorority life as an introvert.

1. Push Yourself to Try New Things

As an introvert, you'll likely feel a little bit nervous heading into things like rush week, planning to attend your first formal, or even before heading out to an awesome pre-gaming party.

You can't help it -- and you know that it's not exactly a part of Greek life etiquette -- but sometimes all you want to do is sit alone in your room while everyone else handles the social stuff.

While everyone could use a little alone time, when you join a sorority, you become part of a unique sisterhood that gives you awesome opportunities.

These opportunities aren't just about helping your sisters out -- they also give you the chance to take risks and to build up your own self confidence. You also need to help keep your house's reputation high!

College is the time of self discovery.

Yes, you'll make mistakes while you learn how to host parties and decorate a room. But this is your time to learn how to be a leader, and to get out of your comfort zone.

So try to say "yes" to as much as you can.

You'll likely be surprised by just how many awesome sorority party ideas you're able to come up with.

2. Use Your Talents to Benefit Everyone

There are still ways to be an introvert in Greek life and be an active member of your sorority.

Maybe you're secretly a seriously talented seamstress. Perhaps you have a knack for coming up with sorority theme ideas for volunteer days and weekend frat parties. Maybe you know tons of cleaning hacks to have your house looking sparkling clean before parents weekend hits.

Whatever your talent, we're sure that you can find a way to use it to benefit everyone in your house. Plus, you can teach others your skills one-on-one.

For example, if you know that socializing isn't exactly your strong suit, look for ways that you can help out using your unique skill set. Plus, bring up these ideas at your next meeting.

You'll feel much more comfortable speaking in front people that you know have your back. It's an awesome way to get your feet wet when it comes to public speaking.

Who knows?

By this time next year, you might even be the person chosen to represent your sorority at a national conference!

3. Learn How to Ask for Support

College is going to be filled with high highs -- and, as much as we hate to admit it, the occasional low lows.

You might find out that the football stud you've been crushing on has a major thing going on with a sister in your rival sorority house. You might totally bomb a test even after studying like crazy.

You'll probably also deal with some serious shame after getting a little bit too buzzed at a party at one of the more popular frat houses on campus over the weekend.

The good news?

Your sorority sisters are there to support you through all of it. They've probably even been there themselves in the past!

But if you're an introvert, you'll need to work on being able to ask for help. Remember, admitting that you need a shoulder to cry on or even just a piece of advice is a major sign of strength.

4. Find Other Ways to Show Your Love for Your Sisters

So, you might not always be able to find the right words to let your sorority sisters know just how much they mean to you.

The good news?

You can always rely on custom sorority apparel to help to do it for you!

Whether you decide to have a sweatshirt with your greek letters on it made for the colder months, or if you want to create a tee-shirt design to commemorate a special event?

Wearing something that helps to show off your pride at being a sister is the perfect way to show how invested you are in your sorority.

Plus, it's also an awesome way to spread the word about your sisters and what your house has to offer.

Be sure that you check out our website for some of the best sorority clothing options that everyone in your house is certain to love.

Lead Your Sorority Even as an Introvert with These Tips

We hope that this post has helped you to learn that, even as an introvert on the quieter side, you still have a lot to offer to any sorority.

Make sure that you always check back with our blog for more tips on surviving recruitment, stopping cat fights between sisters, and learning how to make your sorority the best house on campus.

Don't forget to stock up on sorority apparel in our online shop!

After all, you always want to be sure that you look your best. Yes, even for that brutal 9:00 AM class.

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