How To Throw A Memorable Sorority Date Party

Sororities are known for putting together some of the most memorable and fun events on a college campus. The classic date party is no different.

Whether you're joining in on the fun or planning it, a sorority date party might make those who are new to the whole deal feel a bit uneasy. A party with just your girls couldn't be more fun but for some reason, it's nervewracking to plan an evening involving dates.

A date function shouldn't have such a stigma on it, and it has the components of an unforgettable night. So how do you create or attend this event and ensure that its spectacular for you and everyone else involved?

We've put together a guide for any of you (girls or guys) who are feeling a bit unsure about a future date function to help you feel comfortable and contribute to a night you and your sorority will never forget.

What Is a Sorority Date Party?

A sorority social function can have many different meanings, but exactly what is a date party?

It's exactly what it says. A date function is just a party (usually themed), where all of the girls bring dates. It can range anywhere from a classy dinner to a bonfire in the woods and usually can happen all throughout the year.

It is a Sadie Hawkins Dance feel where the girls have to find a date by asking the guy. For many, this adds a level of discomfort and pressure to the whole evening, though that doesn't have to be the case.

You can bring anyone you want to a sorority date party: an old friend from home, the guy down the hall, your boyfriend or your most recent crush. It can give you the chance to dress up in couples-themed costumes or in fancy attire even if you're not currently in a relationship.

Plus, there is always an added level of mystery and excitement when you throw dates into the mix.

Planning a Date Party

If you're worried about how to plan an unforgettable Greek life date party, here are are a few of the important things to remember:

1. Pick a Theme

This is going to be where you need to use your creativity. A great theme can mean a great party. There is definitely no shame in picking one of the classic couple themes, but even if so be original!

Add your own spin to a classic theme and your attendees will be sure to talk about your party in the years to come.

2. Venue and Refreshments

Want to wow your guests right off the bat? Pick the perfect venue.

Your chapter house can be an easy fix if its large enough for the size of your event, but if not booking an outside venue can be just as great! Just make sure its functional, fun and fits your theme. College towns are usually full of places that will cater to Greek life so it's just up to you to shop around!

For the food and drink, it's important to remain within your budget and be practical. It can be a fun touch to serve food and certain drinks that follow along with the theme of your event but make sure that you aren't financially going overboard.

3. Music and Entertainment

Finding the right band or DJ can bring a low-key forgettable party to become the best party of the year! Cover bands or high energy DJ's can really bring the party to a different level so don't skimp in this area.

Adding cute little memorabilia, like cups or shirts with the party's name, or creating a photo booth experience can help the guests really remember how much fun they had at your party.

Attending a Date Function

Are those butterflies in your stomach acknowledging your excitement or your nerves? Probably both, but here are a few tricks to help settle down that annoying stomach fluttering.

1. Comfort Over Everything

We're not even going to pretend for a second that clothing and shoes designed to highlight women's features are usually the most uncomfortable things to wear. That doesn't mean that you're stuck with discomfort though.

There are plenty of comfortable (and cute) shoes and outfits. Just remember, when you're comfortable you're confident, and confidence is arguably the most attractive thing on a woman.

Plus, chances are you will already be worried about your date, no sense in being worried if you will ever be able to feel your toes again after taking off those heels.

2. Get All Your Ducks In a Row

10 PM, during the party, is not the best place to remember you have an Econ paper due at midnight. Don't add to the stress of the night by forgetting your responsibilities.

If you have an assignment due the same night as the event, pretend that the assignment is due the night before and don't even leave it as an option to do the day of.

3. Bring a Friend!

If the thought of asking a guy to be your date makes you want to puke, then just ask a friend!

Bring someone that you are sure to have fun with (and who you can be yourself around). Choosing your date doesn't mean you are choosing your spouse.

4. Don't Stress!

These parties are meant to be fun, so make that your top priority. Don't stress so much about this one party because there will be more. It's a chance to let loose after school, don't add it to your list of anxieties.

The Bottom Line

A sorority date party is not the end all be all in your Greek life career but you do have the opportunity to make it a night you will always remember.

If you remember to be confident, comfortable and prioritize enjoying yourself, your sisters and your date, it's sure to be a great event.

For more advice on Greek events and sorority social themes, check out the rest of our blog.

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