Your Ultimate Guide to the Most Stylish Sorority Girl Outfits

Joining a sorority can be an exciting time. You're meeting new people, making friends, and experiencing all that Greek life has to offer, from rush week events to socials and philanthropic activities. And throughout all this, you want to look and feel your best. We know that in the beginning, figuring out how to dress like a sorority girl and find the best outfits can be a challenge. We're here to offer you guidance on how to create the best sorority girl outfits to help you feel stylish and confident throughout your sorority experiences. We'll cover the two types of events that are most likely to have you staring at your closet, wondering if you can put together the perfect outfit: recruitment and organized social events.

What to Wear During Rush and Recruitment

Many girls obsess over choosing recruitment outfits. This is the time to dress to impress. You want to look polished and cute, but you also want to feel comfortable, so you can exude easy confidence. First, check with your Greek Affairs Office, as your school may have unique rules for rush week attire. Ask other girls who are rushing, too. They may know that one sorority likes to see their potential sisters in more formal attire, while another sorority prefers casual. If you're required to wear a recruitment sorority tee, look for cute shorts to show off your personal style. Scalloped shorts are a cute and stylish option. White shorts can also help you feel on-trend and offer a classic feel - just be sure to choose a more tailored and conservative style. No rules for recruitment tees? You may want to choose a dress. You can wear bright colors, but if you're looking for a print, stick to something delicate and sweet. Short dresses are fine but use your best judgment when pairing super high heels or wedges with a shorter dress. Keep accessories minimal. One statement necklace or pretty drop earrings are all you need to boost your outfit. Style your hair neatly and stick to a natural makeup look, and don't forget your smile!

The Ideal Sorority Girl Outfits for Socials and Events

We aren't talking about frat parties here. These are organized events with other Greek organizations - yes, often fraternities - and events where you'll be representing your sorority in front of others. Of course, you want to look stylish, though now's not the time to break out an animal print bodycon dress. Again, a dress may be your best option, and you can experiment a bit more with dress trends during one of these events than during recruitment. Try a maxi for a cool, relaxed look, and take it up a notch by choosing a fun pattern or unique hem. Rompers and jumpsuits are super on trend right now and can give you the feel of a dress without the worry of exposing too much. Consider the time of day and environment when choosing your shoes, and make sure your pedicure looks fresh if your toes will be exposed. Feel free to try a bolder makeup look, especially if the event is at night, but stick to highlighting just one feature. Enjoy some extra freedom to express yourself!

Perfect Your Sorority Fashion and Focus on Health, Academics, and More

Once you've curated the perfect sorority girl outfits, you can focus on other aspects of your college lifestyle. We know that this time in your life is fun and exciting but can also be overwhelming. Browse our blog for guidance and entertaining insight on everything from diet and exercise to studying and finals week. Also be sure to check out our awesome selection of sorority clothing.
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