Unique Party Themes to Make Your Fraternity or Sorority Stand Out

When you're starting out as a freshman in college, there are lots of benefits to joining a fraternity or sorority. Greek life can provide students with a sense of community and is a great place to make new friends and have new experiences. If you're on the planning committee for your sorority or fraternity, Greek U is here to help with the best fraternity party themes and sorority party themes for any occasion.

One important aspect of the Greek social scene is throwing different theme parties for members to enjoy. Getting dressed up in a themed costume or transforming a party space with themed decorations makes a regular party feel more special. There are lots of fraternity and sorority social themes to choose from to make any gathering a success.

The best sorority party themes stick to a topic that everyone knows and can interpret in their own way. You want to have themes for parties that allow people to express their sense of creativity.

If you're trying to come up with unique party themes for your next fraternity or sorority social event, read on. Below, we're reviewing some fun fraternity and sorority theme party ideas that you can try for social events throughout the year.

  1. The Recent Past

College party themes that pay homage to the 1920s will always be popular. Anyone who has ever read The Great Gatsby will love the idea of spending a night immersed in that world. Those nights can be fun, but there are more unique ways to have a decade-themed party.

Instead of going so far back in time, take some inspiration from the recent past. The 1980s or 1990s are fun theme ideas because everyone will have a reference point. They can be inspired by favorite childhood memories or popular fashions. Choosing a more recent time period is a fun and easy way to get in on the decade party theme.

  1. Celebrity

Celebrity is a popular party theme because people love the chance to feel famous for the night. This party theme may take a little bit more effort, but it can be well worth it to live like your favorite star for the evening. It's also a chance for you to poke fun at some of the most famous faces out there, earning some laughs along the way.

Challenge people to recreate their favorite celebrity's most iconic and recognizable look. Actors, actresses, singers and sports stars are obvious choices. If you wanted to be a little more creative, you could think of reality TV stars or news anchors, which may not be as obvious of a choice.

  1. Biker Boys and Babes

Theme ideas that can have a double meaning are always fun for a party because you never know how guests will interpret it. With a theme like "bikers," there are a couple of options.

Some party guests will probably think of motorcycle riders and show up in leather jackets, bandanas and motorcycle insignia. Others may think of more traditional cyclists, and bike riders and come in spandex and bike helmets. It's always fun to see what your brothers or sisters will do with a theme.

That mix of costumes and styles will make the party even more fun, and the pictures will be even better for sharing.

  1. Cartoon Characters

If you know that your party guest list is going to be big, cartoon characters are one of the best theme party ideas. There are so many cartoon characters to choose from, so attendees will have a lot of options.

People also have very personal attachments to cartoon characters, depending on what they grew up watching. It's a great way to let people relive their childhood through the medium of their costume. Cartoon character parties are especially great for Halloween and fall events.

  1. Unique Holidays

Lots of fraternities and sororities like to throw theme parties for popular holidays like Christmas, Halloween or Valentine's Day. Those parties are always fun, but they can get boring quickly.

For a more exciting party, consider a holiday that doesn't get as much mainstream attention. You could throw an Arbor Day party, for example, or a party that is President's Day themed. There are lots of opportunities for creative costumes and themed decorations, and people will appreciate the chance to try something new. Plus, by choosing a unique holiday, you'll have the chance to explore some lesser-known traditions.

  1. Seven Deadly Sins

Over the years, the seven deadly sins have become a common pop culture reference. Because of this, almost everyone has some knowledge of them and what they are.

To have a party that sticks with the theme of "seven deadly sins," have each guest choose which sin they want to dress up as. Obviously, there will be some overlap, but no two people will interpret the same sin in exactly the same way. You can have some really interesting costumes result from this theme, and some great pictures too.

  1. Slumber Party

If you love the idea of going out for the night and actually being comfortable, then a slumber party theme party is perfect! Rather than wearing dresses, jeans or other tight clothes, everyone can show up in their pajamas, then kick back and relax for the night. Pop on a movie, play truth or dare and just have fun. Wear your favorite T-shirt and pajama pants, a nightgown or a matching pajama set. Try a sleep mask as an accessory and get ready for a night of cozy fun. This low-key party theme is perfect for sororities.

  1. Dynamic Duos

When it comes to thinking of themes for parties, two heads are sometimes better than one -

literally. Dynamic Duos is a great theme that lets people partner with their significant other or best friend on complementary costumes. Choose from famous celebrity couples, like Sonny and Cher, or classic combos, like peanut butter and jelly. Dynamic Duos is the perfect theme for date night parties.

  1. Nautical

A nautical-themed party takes all the fun you can have at sea and makes it possible on land. It's one of the easier themed parties to dress and decorate for, but it will still get people excited to go out and socialize. You can mix up your nautical night by renting a boat and actually going out to sea.

For your outfit, think navy blue and white stripes, and accessorize with sailor hats. Decorate the place with anchors, mix up some fun drinks and you've got a great night ahead.

  1. Anything But Human

For a truly unique and somewhat silly themed party, insist that your guests come as "anything but human." Favorite animals, favorite foods or even mythical creatures are all fair game for costume ideas. You never know what your guests will show up as, which makes it all the more fun. The only rule is that you can't come as a human, so famous people or human characters are off-limits.

Ready to Try These Unique Party Themes?

When you're having a social event for your fraternity or sorority, you want it to be fun and creative. People love an opportunity to get dressed up, and unique party themes are perfect for that. For more information on how to make the most out of your Greek experience, please contact us at any time.

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