Why Join a Fraternity: 8 Reasons You Can't Deny

Over 9 million college students join a fraternity every year. It's not hard to see why so many college kids jump at the chance to join a frat. By going Greek you prepare yourself for the future, build lasting relationships at college and many more reasons to join a fraternity. Keep reading to find out more about why join a fraternity. Let's go!

1. Making Friends Immediately

Probably the top reason to join a fraternity is to make friends. Many college kids are worried about meeting new people and find like-minded friends. When you go Greek all of this is taken care of for you. The bond you create with your brothers cannot be found in any other aspect of college life. Even though many of your closest friends will probably be from your frat, you're not limited to this. Many people have additional friends through sports or hobbies. It's encouraged to make friends beyond your brotherhood. Your frat is like your family. It doesn't matter how many other people you meet while you're at college, you'll always have your frat to hang out with and have fun.

2. You'll Have Brothers in Your Classes

Every class you have to decide who you're going to sit next to. This can seem like a huge decision every time. As soon as you spot your frat boys out of the corner of your eye, you'll know where to go. The familiar faces won't just be great on your first day at college. Every time you begin a new class, they'll be someone from your frat to sit near. If you have to do group assignments or revise for tests, you know you can rely on your frat boys to work together. When you can't remember the answer to that math question. You know who to call in your frat who has the answer.

3. Find Your Way Around

Your college campus is a huge place of mystery and wonder. It's easy to get lost in the corridors. It could take your whole freshman year before you discover the ins and outs of the college campus. By joining a frat you discover the campus the speedy way. If you're struggling to find your building for class, you can just ask someone in your fraternity.

4. The Inside Story of College Life

As a freshman, you wouldn't normally meet many older guys. But when you join a fret you get to meet the people who have been around the block. Even though they might have only been in a college a year or two longer than you, they'll know tonnes more than you. Where can you get the best breakfasts after a night partying? Which textbooks do you actually need to buy? Where's the cheapest place to get beers? These are the kinds of questions that you're frat friends can help you out with. You might find yourself under the wing of one of the older guys. You'll be in the fast lane of finding out the secrets of college life.

5. The Greek World

Joining a fraternity is much more than sharing some letters with some other guys at college. You'll be joined the largest community of fraternities and sororities. You'll share a bond with anyone in the college that has also gone Greek. This doesn't stop when you leave college either. You'll have a bond with the Greek community at college way into your adult life. This can give you the advantage in your career with networks and connections.

6. Partying and Fun

Yes, the movies don't tell a lie when it comes to the number of parties you experience at college. Fraternities are famous for hosting the best parties and events on campus. By joining a frat, you'll be invited to every party on campus. This way you won't get FOMO on the best nights out in your college years. When you look back on your college days, you'll remember the parties the best of all.

7. Make the Most of Your Time at College

There are a bunch of opportunities that you'll have when you join a frat. Do you want to give back to your community? Are you interested in sports? Do you want to volunteer for a charity? There are countless ways you can get involved in college life through your frat. There's always plenty of partying in your fraternity. But this doesn't mean that you won't work hard in your free time too. You'll also be able to gain lots of skills and experiences that you wouldn't have otherwise. Whether it's team working or leadership skills, you'll be able to build on your experience at college in your professional life.

8. The Support and Belonging

All of the other people in your frat in freshman year will be in the same boat as you. Everyone is nervous and excited to meet you and get to know you better. You can always be sure that there's someone in your frat to talk to about your huge life decisions and the day-to-day stuff that you'll struggle with. You'll be living together in the same dorm. All of the time you spend together with your other frat boys builds a bond that you can't replicate anywhere else.

Why Join a Fraternity?

Fraternity life has so much to offer college students. There are so many amazing reasons to go Greek. Do you want the bond with your brothers? Do you want the inside knowledge into campus life? Are you interested in philanthropy and charity work? The answer to "why join a fraternity?" is - because it's amazing! Did you enjoy this blog post? Check out our blog on your guide to the types of fraternities and sororities.
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