Acacia Home Decor Gifts

Once you finally arrive at your assigned dorm room at your university or college, one of the first things you're going to want to do is decorate and make it look like something out of a catalog. Let us help you accomplish that goal with Acacia home décor that includes your colors letters and other Greek insignia.

Picture how lovely the Script Pillow will look, with your Greek name written across front, on the futon or bed in your dorm. It's the simplest way to add colorful décor to your space. Add an Afghan Blanket Throw to the mix as well -- it's decorated with your Greek crest and letters in bright colors.

Look at the Crest Foil Print, which is framed with an image of your organization's crest and banner. It is a nice, classy accessory to hang near your desk to inspire you when you're working. We also have a few other styles of foil prints and banners for Acacia that you might like.

From pillows that are designed with script letters to Afghan blanket throws that you can drape across your bed or on your wall, GreekU has plenty of interesting items that you'll love. Browse our selection and select the home décor merchandise that will help make your life at your college dorm more beautiful and comfortable.