Acacia Coffee Mugs

Coffee mugs are such a big deal that often times people have to hide them so they don't end up "missing." You have to decide what your personal coffee mug will look like and what it will say. Get yourself a personalized Delta Gamma coffee mug from GreekU that is made just for you.

We sell a number of different mug styles including the Delta Gamma Type Bistro Mug. It's that coffee cup that says you're a serious coffee or latte drinker who also loves Greek life. Your organization's name is imprinted on the side. The Delta Gamma Modern Coffee Mug is an everyday white ceramic cup (11 ounce capacity; 15 ounces for an additional fee) that features your group's name on the side in a fun font style.

Mugs are perfect containers for adding other small gifts for new members. Just load the cup up with stickers, buttons, pens, pencils, key rings, and little notes, then cover it with clear wrapping paper and tie it with a ribbon. Simple and affordable, especially if you have to get gifts for a dozen or more people at a time.  Every time you drink your coffee, tea, or other hot beverage from a mug instead of a plastic or paper cup, you're doing your little part to help save the planet. Order a special Delta Gamma coffee mug for yourself today!