Alpha Sigma Alpha Stickers & Decals

When you find something you love, you should stick with it. (See what we did there?) Stickers and decals are a Greek life staple, and at Greek U, you can find the best selection of sorority and fraternity stickers and decals in the designs you love. Whether you're recruiting new members or looking for an inexpensive gift for your fellow Greeks, fun and affordable fraternity and sorority stickers are always a great choice.

Recruitment Gifts

When you take on new members every spring and fall semester, there are a number of steps and responsibilities that the chapter has to take on. First there's planning recruitment and Bid Day events, then membership activities, and finally welcoming in the new members of your Greek crew with gifts of paraphernalia. A sticker or cute decal makes an amazing gift for new initiates, and our stickers are always super affordable.

Super Selection

Greek U has a super selection of Greek stickers and decals. Explore the entire collection of in-stock styles in one location, including the ever-popular 2" Greek Letter Window Sticker. It's sized to place on a side window or the bottom of a mirror, but the simple design can really go anywhere. The durable Greek letters decal is made to withstand harsh weather conditions, making these decals ideal for use as car letter stickers. Then there's the Multi-Greek Decal Sticker Sheet, which pretty much covers any desire you may have as far as a sorority or fraternity sticker, with varying sizes and styles to fit your needs!

We carry a number of stickers and cute decals that are made with recruitment activities in mind. Stickers are fun, colorful and unique, increasing the chance that recipients will use them to promote the sorority or fraternity by adding them to notebooks, journals, portfolios, binders and electronic covers.

Are you responsible for your chapter's social budget and buying? You can buy a stack of stickers and decals in various styles from Greek U and keep them in stock for each upcoming recruitment season. Higher-quantity orders may come with discounts so you can save even more!