Kappa Alpha Theta Sweatshirts

Stay lettered up all-year-round in Kappa Alpha Theta sweatshirts and Hoodies available only at Greek U. You're a member of one of the biggest and most respected international sororities, which means you shouldn't have to settle for cheap, hard-to-find clothing. So we've put together a big collection of Theta outerwear that comes from premium brands. Our cute Kappa Alpha Theta crewneck sweatshirts are a cozy way to stay warm at a lecture or during movie night with your girls. Order them in the traditional black and gold, choose a custom color scheme or go for a fun option such as our Love sweatshirts and Theta holiday sweatshirts.
Greek U has dozens of other outdoor clothing styles for if you need extra warmth, a more professional appearance or just have different fashion tastes. Kappa Alpha Theta jackets can have your letters displayed prominently or as a small patch above the heart depending on how loudly you want to announce your connection. Fleece pullovers, cardigans, rain slickers and hoodies are other ways you can be a proud Kappa Alpha Theta in any weather. Get a leg up during recruitment or just enjoy the fashionable look of custom Greek outerwear with no minimum orders.