Benefits of Greek Life: Why Fraternities and Sororities Don't Deserve the Bad Rap

Hollywood has been painting Greek life as a never-ending party fueled by booze and bad decisions for years. Thanks to that, most people tend not to have the highest opinion of the fraternity and sorority system.

But, in the reality, the Greek system can be a significant source of positivity and support in the lives of its members.

Sure, not every chapter is going to be a model representation of the best Greek life has to offer. But, in general, joining a fraternity or sorority can only stand to benefit students.

Are you ready for some proof?

Here are a few of the best benefits of Greek life.

Get Better Grades

You've likely heard otherwise, but, for most students, joining a sorority or fraternity can boost their GPAs.

Greek life offers students a support group made up of like-minded individuals who only want to see their brothers and sisters succeed. This can make all the difference when it comes to staying on top of your academics.

Researchers have found that students that join a chapter perform better academically than students who try to make it on their own.

In fact, Greeks have a higher graduation rate and are more likely to graduate on time than individual students.

Network for Post-Grad Life

Once again, sororities and fraternities are social networks. Networks that reach far beyond your college campus.

Because of this, Greeks tend to have an easier time finding employment after graduation.

You will likely get opportunities to network with brothers and sisters in hiring roles during your time in college. They will help you navigate the transition from college life into the working world.

On top of that, you will have a leg up on any potential competition by learning vital social and networking skills early on.

Give Back to Your Community

If there's one positive Greeks are famous for, it's their volunteer work.

If you join a sorority or fraternity, you can expect to clock in quite a few hours benefiting your community. Every year chapters across the country contribute hundreds of thousands of hours and millions of dollars to charity.

While some chapters have specific organizations they tend to favor, others like to cast a wider net and help as many people as they possibly can.

If you'd like to give back during your time in college, Greek life is the best way to do it.

Find Lifelong Friends

For most college grads, it doesn't take long for them to lose touch with their college friends. Before they know it, those people they spent so much time with are just strangers in their Instagram feed.

But, the same can't be said for Greeks. You don't gain friends by being in a sorority or fraternity, you gain a family.

The members of your chapter become your brothers or sisters. You'll go through everything with your fellow Greeks, from rush to your very last exam.

You'll stick together through thick and thin, creating a bond that's guaranteed to last a lifetime.

The Many Benefits of Greek Life

Many Greeks who have graduated agree, joining a fraternity or sorority was one of, if not the best decision they made during their college career.

The benefits of Greek life are countless, and could even stick with you for the rest of your life.

Want to learn more about Greek life? We have dozens of articles that will help you navigate everything from selecting a chapter to becoming president of that chapter. Visit us today!

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