Sorority Stoles: How to Create Personalized Graduation Stoles for Graduation

Congrats! You've made it through those four years - maybe more, maybe less. Either way, you've finished out your time in college, and now it's time to celebrate those memories.

When you walk across that stage to grab your diploma, show off that sorority stole with pride. And you're going to feel more pride when you can flaunt those personalized graduation stoles.

You only graduate from college once - why not give it a little pomp and circumstance?

Ideas For Personalized Graduation Stoles

You don't want just any old stole at graduation. Customize it and let your unique style show.

Craft Party

Make one last memory with your sorority sisters, and have a craft party where you all come together to make graduation stoles.

You can lay out rhinestones, buttons, ribbons and more to choose from. Add memories of what made your time in your sorority special.

If you've got a cool sorority mascot or a special symbol, find decorations that match them, and represent by adding them to your special stole.

Signed, Sealed, Delivered

What was the best part about your sorority? The sisters.

We know that you'll remember them forever, but symbolize that idea by breaking out the markers and letting them sign your sorority stole. Choose markers that match your sorority colors, or stick to basic black for a classic choice.

If you don't want to sign in just marker, puff paint is also an option. You can also choose sharpies with sheen in them to get a glossy finish to those special signatures.

Custom Design It

You can personalize your graduation stole by making an embroidered stole. Commemorate those years you spend together by creating a one-of-a-kind sash with graduation stash embroidery.

Don't worry, you don't have to learn how to sew. You can get your stole professionally embroidered and have it sent right to you once you've done the designing.

You can also get yourself a personalized sorority embroidered hat. Because we all know after you take off that grad cap, your hat hair is going to come out. Fix that problem with a super cute sorority hat that you designed for yourself.

Know Your Options

When it comes to making a personalized graduation stole, there are a few styles to keep in mind. You probably know the color of your stole will match up with your sorority's colors. You also have the option to choose a trim color, too, so keep in mind a complementary color you'd like to use.

You can add your school name to your sash, and add your Greek crest as well. You may also choose to add additional embroidery that includes your chapter name, family line, or your big or little's names.

It's all up to you when it comes to custom design, so choose those colors, choose those logos, and make a great custom stole you'll be proud of. Personalized graduation stoles show how much you care about the community you were in for all those years.

Want More?

If you want to keep the memories going, there's nothing better than to remember with some more gear. You can find all the sorority ensembles you can dream of online. Shirt, sweatshirts, hats, pajama pants - you'll want to pick up one of everything.

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